Author: Mina Jafari

Washington, DC – In the shadow of the Trump campaign, which has capitalized from and promoted xenophobic ideas and policies, an expert panel at NIAC’s 2016 Leadership Conference considered how to confront bigotry and racism toward Iranians and Muslims. 

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Washington, D.C. – What we’ve learned over the past eight years is that it’s possible to make progress on something that once seemed intractable,” said Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor to the President, in his keynote address at the 2016 NIAC Leadership Conference. Reflecting on the Obama administration’s landmark diplomatic initiatives with Iran over […]

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Washington, DC – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif viewed the nuclear negotiations and subsequent agreement “as a foundation to build on,” said Suzanne DiMaggio, Director & Senior Fellow at New American Foundation.  “But they’re afraid that it is turning into a ceiling.”

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Sanam Anderlini, NIAC Board member: It’s really my honor to present to you tonight’s keynote speaker, Mr. Benjamin Rhodes, who is the Deputy National Security Advisor, and I didn’t know him. I mean I’ve seen all the news about you of course, but when I was asked to introduce him I started digging, and trying to […]

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